16 August 2014

Update, Aug. 2014

Hi there.  

My blog has been dormant since March '12, so here's a quick update...

First, some new snaps -- 

I chopped my hair super short in June '13.  The pixie cut has been a fun change:

Chappy and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and marked 13 years(!) together this past spring/summer:

Monty Morris, everyone's favorite Italian Greyhound, is still as adorable as ever:

In academic news, I've just gone back to school full-time.  

I'm now studying for my MA in the History of Art at London's Courtauld Institute of Art.

I've also been working at Art in America magazine for the past 2 years:

For my recent web articles, see Art in America.

If you're interested in further professional/career-related matters, see my LinkedIn profile.

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And to contact me directly, email me: 
MelissaCMorris4 [at] gmail.com.